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Not Quite Twenty Questions for Charlaine Harris

Adore these two writers, and Hank does the most amazing interviews. Well worth a read!

Pen, Ink, and Crimes

hank-2013-bioHANK PHILLIPPI RYAN: Once I was at a library event, and the well-meaning person who was the emcee said, “And now here’s someone who needs no introduction, Hank Phillippi Ryan.”

Well, that was very nice, and I knew he meant it affectionately. The problem with it was, I do need an introduction. And it started me wondering if there was any one who actually didn’t need one.

One of the names I came up with (and I think you’ll agree) is Charlaine Harris.

But—even with a blockbuster HBO series (True Blood) and all kinds of other fabulous stuff (see below) she is so modest and so unassuming that she would probably disagree.

I will admit that many years ago, I bet 10 or so, I met Dana Cameron and Toni Kelner and they talked about how wonderful this Charlaine Harris was. Newbie that I was, I had…

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